Bedlington Terrier: character and price

Bedlington Terrier: character and price

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Bedlington Terrier, a Terrier from Great Britain but not an ordinary terrier, this one has a mark of recognition that you cannot escape. Just look at it, then we will explain it better. In the meantime, apart from hair styling flair, we admit that it is an excellent hunting dog, especially for small animals, such as the fox. First squat, now this dog has become more tapered, tall and slender. With such a physique, he conquered VIPs and became a pet in the twentieth century, frequenting the salons of high society.

Bedlington Terrier: origin

The name of the breed explicitly refers to the English village of Bedlington, located in Northumberland County, but let's not assume that this breed was born right there, among those miners' houses. Among the various scholars has formed a current that supports for example as the Bedlington Terrier it was imported from Holland by a group of weavers at the end of the eighteenth century.

It is certain that, wherever the first specimens were selected, the breed then developed in the north of England, on the border with Scotland, among the progenitors there is the "Dandie Dinmont”, A dog bred by the Duke of Antrim even, and then crossed with other English breeds.

Initially used mainly to hunt hares and rabbits, the Bedlington Terrier it was then used for racing, spreading among the miners of Bedlington and surrounding areas. Also in that town he participated for the first time in a dog show. We are in 1870 and in these years the first Club of the breed was founded.

Bedlington Terrier: puppies

If you don't notice from the photos, I'll reveal it immediately: the peculiarity of the Bedlington Terrier it is that band of hair that covers the top line of the head. Very unique and seems to be proud of this dog, so much so that he always maintains an extremely elegant gait and attitude.

It is a very agile-looking animal with a toned physique, quite muscular and strong. He shows great speed in his movements, and great speed in galloping, but always remaining composed, light and elastic. The morphology of the Bedlington Terrier it is often defined by Lupo-Bracco-Graioide, rather indecipherable for the layman as terminology. The height at the withers of a male specimen should not exceed 40.5 cm, for a corresponding weight of about 8 - 10 kg.

Both the trunk and the limbs of this breed are muscular but not stocky, the rump is strongly arched and the very narrow and rounded skull, covered as I anticipated, by a curious silky and abundant tuft of an almost white color. The stop is almost absent in the muzzle of the Bedlington Terrier while the ears, covered with hair and falling flat on the cheeks, have a low set, the tail has a moderate length and you will never see it carried high.

Bedlington Terrier: coat

The hair, with a tuft on the head, is a very characteristic aspect of this breed: it makes of Bedlington Terrier a Terrier not just any. It must always be thick and soft, stand straight but never rough to the touch even if it can show a tendency to twist, especially in some areas. For example on the muzzle and skull. The colors allowed by the breed standard are blue, blue and tan, liver, sand.

The color of the hair depends on that of the nose and eyes. For the truffle, in Bedlington Terrier “Blue” or “tan” is black, in those “liver” or “sand” it is brown. The eyes are not necessarily dark: blue specimens must have dark eyes, the liver or sand colored ones must have hazel eyes. Finally i Bedlington Terrier blue and tan they have eyes that are lighter than blue.

Bedlington Terrier: character

Almost always cheerful and courteous, the Bedlington Terrier it has a character usually appreciated by those who have a specimen at home. In the family he settles well, he is a good companion, a very affectionate and loyal dog that on "attacks" his master up to defend him at all costs. He plays lovingly with children, never aggressive or impulsive, with a sweet and gentle expression and manner.

With strangers the Bedlington Terrier change your way. It is not a matter of pretending, but become suspicious, not out of fear. In fact, but he never gives signs of submission, he continues on his way, determined on his intentions.

Being quite smart, as a dog it is easily trainable, moreover, if we get used to traveling since he was a puppy, he becomes passionate and will be the first to push you to discover new places. In general, by its nature, it is a great hunter so it can show itself instinctive and rude at times, and certainly does not give up running in open spaces where at least once a day he wants to let off steam and indulge himself.

Bedlington Terrier: breeding

It is not yet widespread as a breed in Italy that of Bedlington Terrier, there are other better known and numerous English Terriers like him Scottish Terrier and the Border Terrier. Yet there are some farms that fortunately represent this breed and offer it to us.

The ENCI website reports three, one in Lazio, in the province of Rome, another in the province of Pavia, in Lombardy, and the third official Italian breeding of Bedlington Terrier it is found in Veneto, in the province of Venice. As a diffusion rate, again according to ENCI, we are at a few dozen registered specimens. After a peak of 23, a few years ago, in 2015 we dropped to 15.

Bedlington Terrier: photo

To better admire the peculiarities of the breed, especially the coat. To better understand how to recognize it and if we like it enough to want one, a couple of more photos of ours Bedlington Terrier before discovering the not modest price.

Bedlington Terrier: price

A puppy of Bedlington Terrier taken in breeding it can cost up to 1,000 euros, on average, if not more. The fact that it is quite rare in Italy does not help much in terms of cost.

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