Cao de Agua: character and breeding

Cao de Agua: character and breeding

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Cao de Agua, Cao de Agua Portugues, to be precise, because he is a dog that comes from Portugal and is very keen for his homeland to appear in the name. It belongs to the group 8 of search and retrieval dogs in water.

The mantle of the Cao de Agua it is also typical of him because as there is very little sebaceous production, it does not give off the typical bad smell of a "wet dog". It is therefore a excellent dog for allergy sufferers but also for hygienists with a fine sense of smell, plus it doesn't drool. Of course, it requires a non-trivial grooming work and this applies to all its varieties that a long and wavy hairwhich grows 1 1/2 cm per month and the variety with pile hair which grows 1 cm per month.

Cao de Agua: origins

Widespread throughout the Portuguese coast, this breed can be considered native to the province of Algarve and does not hide a close and proven kinship with the "French Poodle". In common with this dog the Cao de Agua not only has a great passion for water but also many morphological characteristics that make explicit the common origins even to those who are not experts.

Most likely they have the same ancestor, a current of scholars believe that this connecting link is a native dog of northwestern Africa. This probable ancestor of the Cao de Agua he was raised by the Berbers and then brought by the Moors to the Iberian Peninsula from where he left for France to become the French Poodle.

There are those who remained, to also cross paths with the Portuguese shepherd dogs and give life to the first examples of Cao de Agua after various selections to refine the characteristics that we see today in its standard. Today outside Portugal it is not a very widespread dog but it is known for its particular coat which is enjoying success overseas, especially in the USA.

Cao de Agua: puppies

From an early age the puppies of the Cao de Agua they are proportionate and robust, muscular especially in the limbs and with a very charming coat in both versions. The adult size is to be considered just below the average one: the males at the withers measure from 50 to 57 cm and weigh between 19 and 25 kg, the females go from 43 to 52 cm with a weight of 16-22 kg.

The muscular structure of the Cao de Agua it is largely due to his propensity to swim, in fact it is proportionate and natural, not exaggerated to appear "like a bodybuilder". The head is also massive and well inserted in the context thanks to a muscular neck in continuity with the chest, wide and deep.

The skull in profile is slightly longer than the muzzle which is always narrower up to the nose. Wide, always, the nose changes color with the hair: it is black in the black, white, or white and black specimens, it is brown in the brown specimens.

Close to the head, the ears appear with high attachment, rather small, the eyes are instead of medium size, well spaced and slightly oblique. They can be both brown and black, always round, never protruding nor sunken.

The rest of the body of the Cao de Agua it has muscular and rounded limbs, especially the hindquarters, a sculpted trunk and a tail that narrows to the tip. When running free, the Cao de Agua has a cheerful gait and moves with small but fast steps.

Cao de Agua: grooming

The grooming of the Cao de Agua it is unique and inimitable, or almost, and typically like a lion. Let's try to put the idea into words even if the images are certainly more eloquent. This breed has a head covered with a particularly long hair on the ears but not excessively thick, a mane is formed at the top of the skull which is inevitably in the eye.

On the body the hair is thick, strong and uniform. As anticipated there are two varieties of Cao de Agua that are distinguished from the mantle. The first shows a long and slightly wavy, shiny and fluffy coat. The other is short with small flat, cylindrical and very tight curls, much thicker.

The grooming required for this type of dog is the classic lion cub, whatever the color, of course. Those allowed are black, white and brown in various Di shades Cao de Agua there are also well-accepted specimens with a black and white coat, or brown and white, mixed, it should also be noted that white is not a sign of albinism.

The Cao de Agua it does not have an undercoat but the hair is continuously growing, there is no moult, it is up to us to decide the length to keep also based on its role. Dog object, playmate dog, dog to exhibit or sport dog to take to the park.

Cao de Agua: character

From the many roles that the Cao de Agua, you immediately understand that it is a quick-change and ductile dog, it has a pleasantly scruffy air, which is combined with an always attentive and even presumptuous look. This makes him a caricature character in the canine world, but we can rest assured that we are in the company of a loyal dog.

His gaze is penetrating but sweet, in fact he immediately proves to be a great companion who becomes very attached to all members of the family, whether they are children, young and old. While not stressful, the Cao de Agua he is very interactive, a sociable animal who likes to participate in family life, but fortunately his contribution is cheerful. Even in the presence of other animals he does not lose his good humor and loves physical contact.

Being an excellent swimmer, robust and alert, this dog is recommended for retriever hunting, it is an extraordinary diver with great personality and spirit of initiative, a good intelligence and a welcome instinct to adapt. Among the character defects of the Cao de Agua there is jealousy towards the boss with whom he can be possessive but in any case he obeys orders without making a fuss, is impetuous and very willing.

Cao de Agua: farms

There is only one breeding of Cao de Agua in Italy reported from the website of Enci, is located in Certaldo, in the province of Florence, in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, among olive groves and vineyards. Is called Do Lusiadas, there is the official website to which you can contact to directly contact these passionate breeders who dedicate over 3,000 square meters to their puppies to let them run, play, explore, socialize and have new experiences, but always under the control of someone who can look after them. , including night.

Cao de Agua: price

The puppies of Cao de Agua they have a average price which hovers around the 1,800 Euros. It is not very popular and this affects the price a lot. For precise information on this, I always recommend contacting the farm directly and contacting those certified and recognized by Enci to remain calm. If the price is exaggerated, and in this case it is very likely that it will happen, in the kennel we must remember that many fluffy puppies are waiting for us.

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