How to reuse orange peels

How to reuse orange peels

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How to reuse orange peels: nice and interesting ideas for recycling and exploiting the properties of orange peel.

Orange is one of the most popular and consumed citrus fruits in the world; with this fruit we can prepare fruit juices, pressed, jams ... In addition to having a pleasant flavor, orange is an excellent source of vitamin C and essential minerals.

They are the fruit that characterizes winter: its maturation begins from November until spring and can even be harvested until June-July. The orange has a rather rough outer skin; the pulp of the fruit is usually appreciated for which you get rid of the peel, as it is considered useless.

How to reuse orange peels

Many do not know that even the peel has various beneficial properties and that it can be used in body care, in cosmetics. Let's see some ideas for recycling orange peel after enjoying its delicious pulp.

Flavored candle

Thanks to its intense smell, the orange peel can be used to make scented candles.

  • Preparation

Cut the top of the orange and extract the pulp, taking care not to break the zest
Once this is done, fill the inside with candle wax and insert a wick

Detergent for stainless steel

The citric acid contained in it has a strong brightening power and is therefore able to clean and disinfect stainless steel surfaces.

  • Preparation

Cut the orange peel and rub on the affected surfaces

Multi-purpose cleaner

In combination with vinegar, we can make a multipurpose cleaner, particularly suitable for disinfecting the home and removing stains. It has a powerful antibacterial and stain remover effect; a product to be used as an alternative to chemicals on the market.

  • Preparation

Pour 250 ml of white wine vinegar into a plastic container and add the orange peel. Store in the dark for a week.
Once ready, pour the mixture into a container with a vaporizer to facilitate its application.

As a seasoning

Thanks to this nice idea, we can exploit the beneficial properties of orange peel.

  • Preparation

Grate the peel and use the obtained ingredient to flavor meats, salads, desserts and biscuits. You can also include it in tea and smoothies.

Against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are sensitive to the strong odors emanating from citrus fruits, an excellent reason to make a DIY ecological repellent against these annoying insects

  • Preparation

Place some orange peels near the places where the presence of mosquitoes is presumed
Alternatively, we can prepare a tea with this ingredient and let its steam drive away the insects.

Ecological deodorant

Here is another nice idea to create to perfume and purify the home, the spiked orange

  • Preparation

Take a not too ripe orange and stick some cloves until it is completely covered.
It should be placed in a strategic point of the house so that it can give off its aroma.

Biodegradable bird feeder

If the orange peel is thick, we can make a nice biodegradable bird feeder

  • Preparation

Cut the orange so as not to damage the peel, empty the pulp then attach a string to hang it on a branch. At this point you just have to put some bird food

Shoe deodorant

The aroma of citrus fruits is effective in combating bad smells emanating from shoes due to humidity and bacteria.

  • Preparation

Cut the orange peel into several pieces and place them inside the shoes.
Leave the pieces in overnight and take them off before wearing.

Natural sponge

Fresh rinds contain essential oils that can be used to remove grease from pots and pans.

  • Use

Instead of the classic sponge, rub the peels on the surface encrusted with grease and rinse.

Even the peels of bananas, apples and potatoes lend themselves to alternative uses. In this regard, I invite you to read the article "How to recycle fruit peels"

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