Pine nuts: properties and nutritional values

Pine nuts: properties and nutritional values

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Pine nuts, they are seeds even if very particular, famous more than others and with special peculiarities that we are about to know. In addition to the taste, of course, which few people don't know and don't appreciate. Not all seeds are edible, these ones and it is usually the stone pine that produces them, also called, more correctly, Pinus pinea.

Without knowing the scientific name, probably many of us, including myself, in particular on the Ligurian Riviera, he collected pine nuts while walking next to these beautiful trees, perhaps for fun, perhaps for gluttony. Now, knowing the properties and benefits of this ingredient, he can do it too as a "natural cure".

Pine nuts: properties

What the pine nut provides us with are a series of substances capable of counteract the action of free radicals, therefore, to slow down aging, this is just one of the many reasons why this type of seeds is considered valuable for health. In particular, on this aspect, the vitamins present and lutein, the latter, in addition to protect cells from the action of free radicals, it is also good for the eyes.

Even for those who are not afraid of advancing age, pine nuts are useful because provide energy without increasing the sense of hunger: it is not magic but the action of pinolenic acid and other similar substances that cause some hormones to limit the stimulus of hunger. For an appropriate time to get to the next meal, not for hours and hours!

Pine nuts: nutritional values

Rich in proteins and vegetable fibers, pine nuts are very precious seeds because they contain a wide range of nutritional elements that we need every day and help us to maintain or achieve a state of well-being.
For example, they contain a lot zinc, vitamin B2 in abundance and potassium, and then also calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and iron. They are dried fruit and are often eaten together with other colleagues with whom they have in common the high content of mineral salts and some essential amino acids.

Pine nuts: calories

All this nutritional richness is paid for with a non-low calorie content: 135 grams of pine nuts, usually the weight of a pack, they contain 909 calories. As for the composition of pine nuts, we can note the prevalence of Proteins (31 g) and Carbohydrates (18 g), and then 5 g of Fiber. Zero Cholesterol.

Pine nuts: benefits

The pine nut can help us thanks to its antioxidant powers and the benefits it brings to the cardio-vascular system. It's not over: there are many "excuses" to make one feast of pine nuts, for example, wanting to regularize intestinal activity, also getting rid of accumulated toxins. They are therefore excellent for those suffering from constipation, but also for those with high cholesterol because oleic acid is just what it takes.

For women the pine nuts reserve the vitamin K which makes menstrual cramps less difficult to endure as well as helping to improve blood circulation. Another vitamin appears, C, and its "job" is to strengthen the immune system, D in turn acts on the bones. As I have already mentioned, even though we are healthy and robust and athletic, we can very well say that we eat pine nuts because they are a powerful source of energy.

Toasted pine nuts

Most of the time, on shop shelves, whether large or small, we find the toasted pine nuts, in trays or bags. Lucky those who can collect them in their garden, but I'm not in this situation as many of you imagine. So, with our toasted pine nuts in hand, there are also organic ones, let's keep them in a cool and dry place and they will remain for 3 or 4 months. Watch out for the expiration date.

Pine nuts: recipes

In Italy there are many recipes that contain pine nuts, the most typical and best known are those of Pesto alla Genovese and Castagnaccio. Salty and sweet, for all tastes.

Our kitchen is not the only one to use this ingredient to make its typical menu special, and we find it in dishes that are very different from those we are used to, also in North America, Asia and Africa, and obviously in the recipes of our neighboring countries, in Europe. In the kitchens of Mediterranean countries, they are sauces and salads to often host these magical seeds.

Pine nuts: price and where to buy them

Find them high quality it is not difficult, indeed, especially in Italy where we love them and use them a lot. But if we want to buy them from the desk, we can also find them on Amazon, for less than 10 euros, a 150 gram pack is ours and they are Mediterranean origin.

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