Magnesium: foods and properties

Magnesium: foods and properties

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Magnesium, one of the main components of our bone tissue, together with calcium and phosphorus, but also important from a biological point of view, because we also find it in intracellular fluids and plasma. The About 0.34% of the weight of a healthy person is made up of magnesium which is present for over 60% mineralized in bone, for about 32% complexed with proteins and nucleic acids, for the remaining small part in plasma and other forms. These relatively small quantities, thus distributed in our organism, assume an almost surprising importance, let's see why.

Magnesium: what is it for

Its main role is that it plays in enzymatic reactions: in this context, the active form of ATP is complexed with the Mg ++ ion. We also find this mineral in action when it comes to regulating the excitability of nerve and muscle membranes and in the process of synaptic transmission. These are just some of the reasons why we must commit to meeting the daily requirement, equal to an adult man, about 300-500 mg.

Magnesium: properties

Before discovering which foods can help us take the recommended dose of magnesium, better inquire about how it is absorbed by the body. This process takes place at the level of the small intestine and we can favor it with vitamin D.

On the contrary, elements that calcium can disturb its absorption, if in high concentrations, the phosphate of the diet, or important forms of diarrhea and alcoholism. The converse between magnesium and calcium does not work because the latter is absorbed regardless of the presence of the former. If, on the other hand, it is a question of eliminating this mineral salt, this is done through feces and urine.

Magnesium: foods

Ready pen and paper to mark the foods rich in Mg! Let's start from nuts and cocoa, adding soybeans, beans, whole wheat and all or most of the green leafy vegetables it being an integral part of chlorophyll.

Magnesium: supplements

If we feel asthenia, cramps, convulsions, tremors, apathy, muscle weakness and convulsions, it could be a lack of Mg. If we already have an adequate, balanced and varied diet, we can rely on supplements. Without being "sick", they often use them, in the summer months, those athletes engaged in particularly demanding activities.

Also in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome a supplement could be useful, among the most common the Mg pidolate, the Mg chloride, the Mg oxide and the supreme. On line, for example, we can buy a supplement magnesium food excellent for memory and concentration, with Phosphoserine, Cola and Vit. B5 and B6. Also hair loss and flaking nails they can be "cured" with this supplement.

Magnesium and sport

As mentioned, the Magnesium is one of the closest friends of sportsmen, if it is noticeable after prolonged activities and it could lead to a decrease in the quality of performance. This happens because the Mg protects the muscle cells by taking care of keeping them intact.

Magnesium: contraindications

While magnesium deficiency can make us feel sluggish and cause us discomfort, even the excess is not good for our body at all. When the plasma is too much, a depression can occur Central Nervous System (CNS). The consequences at the grassland and daily level are numbness, prostration, heart and respiratory disorders.

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