Electricity energy storage systems

Electricity energy storage systems

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Electricity storage systems: technology and models compared. How does energy storage work with accumulators capable of storing electricity.

THEstorage systemsthey allow to to preserve the electricity produced by ours photovoltaic system and not consumed at the moment. For those who do not want to use theexchange on the spotand sell the energy surplus produced to the network, theenergy accumulatorsare the only possible solution to withdraw electricity when the system does not produce.

Electricity storage systems, advantages

In this paragraph we try to summarize the main onesadvantagesrelated to the use ofelectric accumulators. First of all we can say that aintegrated accumulatorto oursphotovoltaic systemis able to give us autonomy, self-consumption and savings.


THEelectricity storage systemsthey allow us to be autonomous and free us, in large part, from the national electricity grid.

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system that is not consumed instantly, is accumulated in specialbatteriesfrom which it is then fed into the home network when needed.

Always clean energy

Among the fundamental advantages, we point out that these systems allow to solve one of the main problems linked to the discontinuity of energy production of renewables.

Photovoltaic systems produce energy only during the day while at home we use most of the electricity in the evening. THEelectricity storage systemssolve this gap.


Everyone would like to beenergetically self-sufficient. THEstorage systemshelp us to pursue this goal. Self-consumption is facilitated when the plantphotovoltaicisassociatedtostorage batteries.

How much energy can be accumulated

In reality it all depends on the ability of thebatteriesof the storage system. On average, the new devices are able to accumulate 70% of the energy produced by the domestic system.

Not onlyelectricity. It is also possible to accumulate energy in thermal form, storing thermal energy is convenient and convenient in the event of availability of thermal energy from renewable sources such as heat pumps, solar thermodynamic and solar thermal.

Electricity storage systems

Networks of installers provide all the information necessary to perform a correctsizingof thestorage batteries.

The market deliverselectrical energy storage systemsfor every need. Among the most advanced and most successful storage systems on the market we highlight:

  • Tesla storage systems
  • Samsung storage systems
  • Panasonic storage systems
  • Bosch storage systems
  • SMA Smart Energy storage systems

Accumulator models on the market

Bosch presents itself with the BPT-S 5 Hybrid storage system, aenergy accumulatorwhich takes advantage of lithium-ion battery technology to offer a capacity ofaccumulationwhich varies from 4.4 kWh to 13.2 kW. The batteries have an estimated life of at least 20 years and were created to meet the needs of companies, factories, factories and the owners of large photovoltaic parks.

Very popular is theTesla storage systemPowerwall that uses a high-voltage battery with lithium-ion technology with a capacity of 6.4 kWh.

Samsung, with itselectrical energy storage systemSDI All in one, integrates all the components for energy storage, conversion and energy management into one body. It is, in fact, ainverterwithintegrated storage system. The battery capacity amounts to 3.6 kWh.

For small domestic systems, the SMA Smart Energy storage system from SMA Italia is available, an accumulator with a capacity of 2.4 kWh that can also be managed and monitored by smartphone.

The Panasonic energy storage system for home use has been designed to guarantee a useful life of 5,000 charge cycles and offer long-term operation. The capacity is only 1.3 kWh.

On the frontelectricity storage systemsmany houses are moving and not just photovoltaic panel producers. The carmaker Mercedes has developed a 20 kWh energy storage unit consisting of eight battery modules, each with an energy content of 2.5 kWh, designed exclusively for large photovoltaic parks.

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