Hyperhidrosis: remedies

Hyperhidrosis: remedies

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Hyperhidrosis, that means "when you sweat too much". Too much is always a relative concept, a personal assessment, but there are also ways to understand when this "too much" has to do with our health. We speak of hyperhidrosis when the sweat secretion compared to the norm is so excessive that it begins to constitute an obstacle even in our social relations. It can hide pathological causes that call us to seek cures.

Nocturnal hyperhidrosis

Hearing about hyperhidrosis we must not become hypochondriacs or paranoid: sweating is a physiological phenomenon that has many benefits, in the summer months it occurs and must occur. The difference between hyperhidrosis and normal sweating is in the quantities.

Normally our body produces about half a liter of sweat every day, in summer or in particularly hot environments but also sweat two liters of liquids isn't all that strange and in this case the reasons are obvious, it is not a pathological sign. However, if we sweat at these levels even at not too high temperatures, we have a problem and we can run into annoying and embarrassing situations.

Maybe not at night, but it is certainly not healthy to sweat too much when you sleep, waking up "In a sweat". If it happens often and we don't sleep in a furnace, it is best to consult a doctor to understand if we suffer from hyperhidrosis and why.

Other particular forms of sweating that may require medical advice are chromhidrosis and bromhidrosis. In the first case, the sweat is colored, yellowish enough to dirty sheets and pajamas, in the second it is smelly and hides a problem related to the action of the skin's bacterial flora.

Hyperhidrosis: causes

Hyperhidrosis more generalized or circumscribed in a certain area of ​​our body, or it can appear in some situations. This last type has often "environmental" or "emotional" causes. There are others more medical and anatomical causes such as endocrine or dietary stimuli: the high consumption of foods or supplements containing caffeine, capsaicin or other thermogenic agents can cause abnormal sweating.

Even some medications including antipyretics, cholinergics, antidepressants and amphetaminesand can cause hyperhidrosis, then there is a form induced by vomiting, nausea or pain.

When we talk about the causes we can too distinguish between primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. The first form is an idiopathic phenomenon, with causes still to be investigated, while the secondary arises in conditions of hyperthyroidism, psychiatric diseases, obesity, hormonal therapy or related endocrine alterations, or in menopause. Furthermore when the whole body sweats too much, there may be an endocrine problem at the base, like hyperthyroidism, but it is better to have it told by a doctor.

Hyperhidrosis: remedies

To deal with hyperhidrosis in a strategic way, it is better to act on different levels, starting by excluding the secondary forms of this phenomenon with an accurate medical history. We try to understand together with a specialist also by carrying out blood tests and analyzes required from time to time.

Meanwhile, there are some tricks to limit hyperhidrosis: we avoid clothing that is too tight and / or synthetic. If the causes of our excessive sweating are related to a strong emotionality, we can ask for a drug therapy that involves the use of sedatives and anxiolytics.

Among the remedies there is also the iontophoresis which must be carried out in the clinic. It is carried out by connecting a low-intensity current generator to two water basins where we have immersed, for example, hands or feet that sweat too much. This treatment is based on the fact that the flow of energy charges clogs the ducts of the sweat glands. Success is not guaranteed, in cases of mild hyperhidrosis it often gives satisfactory results.

Hyperhidrosis: hands

When your hands sweat too much, often it is for the emotion. It is local hyperhidrosis, it can affect the palms of the hands as well as the soles of the feet or the forehead. Among the possible remedies there is also one antiperspirant lotion purchasable online (11 euros for 200 ml) that blocks excessive sweating and bad smells for 5 days.

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Another local form that many of us will have experienced or experienced closely is the axillary one, at the origin of which there is often a marked emotional irritability. You can limit the discomfort by using a long lasting deodorant whose effect can be amplified if you cover the area that sweats too much with a film of paper, in the night, and then remove it when removed.

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