How to raise a horse

How to raise a horse

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How to raise a horse: from space to everything you need to take care of a horse in the garden. What you need to look after a horse and useful tips.

Raising a horsein the backyard is a dream of many people. I was able to fulfill this dream in my country house, where my parents still live today. My old horse,Julio, has kept me company for many years… now I live in the city and I have to say, I miss the walks with Julio.

Like me, those who are lucky enough to have a house in the countryside, with a large uncultivated field and a lot of space available, can considerraise a horse.

Can a horse be raised in the garden?

It all depends on the garden you have. In my old country house I had a corner of the garden completely uncultivated, a land abandoned to itself, overrun by shrubs and small trees. The space ideally made available for the horse should be at least 1,000 square meters. So if you have a big enough garden, yes you can raise a horse in the garden!

What it takes to keep a horse

Constant commitment, both in terms of time and money. The horse will take you away, on average, one hour a day (not counting the walks!). For look after a horsea financial commitment will also be required to cover the costs of feeding, constant renewal of the litter box and the veterinarian.

Thehorseit needs a shelter and a very large fenced area. The horse cannot graze in the open countryside otherwise it would end up destroying the crops (mine ended up eating all the apples!). Basically, to be ableraise a horsedo you need:

  • Adequate space
  • Time and money

Yes, taking care of a horse is not easy. The horse needs to be followed. The horse, in fact, must:

  • Be cleaned daily
  • Have adequate space
  • Have accommodation in a covered shelter (the stable must be near a barn, which is necessary to ensure a clean bedding)
  • Having the opportunity to trot every day
  • Being in contact with humans every day or with others like it (it is an animal that suffers from loneliness if neglected)
  • Be brushed and groomed
  • Be fed adequately (multiple meals per day)
  • Having a source of water that is always fresh and clean
  • Be followed by a veterinarian.

If you are ready to take care of ahorsein this way, then you can decide to host a horse in your home garden.

Ah… not to be overlooked! Horses do a lot of poop! The barn must be cleaned every day and you will need a dunghill where you can get good fertilizer for the land.

In our country house we had a maintenance engineer who took care ofJulio. My horse had daily human attentions but despite this, the vet advised us to put a little goat next to him for extra company. They were very tender together.

Space needed to raise a horse

The space needed to raise a horse also depends a lot on the age and breed of the horse chosen.

If you don't have much space available, avoid choosing "thoroughbred horsesAlso known as “Horses bloody ".

What is a thoroughbred horse?
The term “thoroughbred horses” or “bloody” refers to breeds characterized by a fiery, restless, fatal nature… Only if you really have a lot of space can you choose an English thoroughbred, Arabian or half-breed horse. In addition, thoroughbred horses need very safe and sturdy enclosures as well as open spaces in order to “let off steam”.

In addition, if the space you have is full of ditches, irregularities or slopes, it is better to choose small and more agile breeds.

If you have limited space, you should ask yourself how to raise a pony rather than how to raise a horse. The different pony breeds are less than 140cm tall and are less demanding in terms of both economy and space.

Other considerations to be made based on the space available concern the choice of gender and age. Males have a more turbulent nature than females or castrated males (gelding horses). Young horses need more movement (and therefore space) than more mature horses.

If, reading the article, you realized that you have little space available, there is little consolation ... you can adopt a goat or discover how to raise chickens.

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