Natural do-it-yourself drains

Natural do-it-yourself drains

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Do-it-yourself natural draining agents: from fennel to horsetail, here are 6 natural products that have proven to be really effective for the drainage and purification of our body.

Our body has a natural body fluid regulation system. However, it may happen that liquids remain inside the tissues accumulating in the intercellular spaces, that is, between one cell and another. The stagnation of liquids in our body can lead to various problems such as retention, poor blood circulation, stretch marks, swollen legs ...

To combat the problems mentioned above it is necessary to drain or purify our body frequently. Regular physical activity, drinking more water and consuming fresh foods that naturally drain our body can be of great help

On this page we will show you some natural products that have proved to be really effective in fighting toxins and elements that are harmful to our body.


In addition to being a vegetable rich in micronutrients, fennel is an excellent natural drainage. It is able to improve digestion and facilitate the expulsion of gases. If taken in the form of an infusion, it can promote the elimination of excess fluids and facilitate the expulsion and decrease of mucus in the lungs.

Fennel can be consumed in the form of tea or as an ingredient for salads, without exceeding it. According to natural medicine, it is advisable to take a fennel infusion for three days to drain and stop using it in order to avoid unwanted effects. In the following days it is good to drink enough water to facilitate the draining action of the vegetable.

Aloe vera

It is a favorite ingredient in natural medicine due to its high drainage activity. In fact, aloe vera can facilitate liver activation thanks to its high content of polysaccharides, substances capable of eliminating the toxins accumulated in the liver. It is important to consume aloe vera in the most natural way possible. Pay close attention to commercial products as they may contain substances that reduce its effectiveness.

You can consume a teaspoon of aloe vera every morning with a glass of water to facilitate the work of the liver throughout the day. You can also prepare a purifying infusion based on aloe vera, milk thistle, licorice and dandelion.

Green tea

Green tea has many beneficial and therapeutic properties. It is an excellent drainage thanks to its diuretic properties and the presence of chlorogenic acid. The latter facilitates digestion and purification of toxins accumulated in the body. It can be taken in several ways; the ideal is to have a cup of green tea every morning on an empty stomach.


Pineapple is one of the fruits with the highest water content, rich in fiber and with very few calories. In addition, it contains three enzymes that improve digestion and blood circulation: bromelain, extranasa and ananasa. Pineapple also helps drain the areas with protein fibers and removes the fatty tissues that cause cellulite. It is an excellent drainage thanks to its high potassium content, which allows you to regulate the amount of water in the cells.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you include pineapple in your diet and take advantage of it to enjoy its delicious flavor, which can be easily combined with other foods.

Horse tail

This wild herb has become a very popular natural remedy. Among its properties we find that of being an excellent ally for drainage, since it can increase the amount of urine up to 30%. This effect is really beneficial for eliminating toxins and facilitating the work of the kidneys and prostate. In addition, horsetail has been shown to decrease the volume of kidney stones and increase the filtering capacity of the kidneys.

Cherry tail

Cherries taste delicious, but they're not only useful for that. Cherry has a high amount of potassium salts and helps drain through the increase in urine production. It also helps to eliminate metabolites, thus facilitating the decrease of the feeling of heaviness in the legs. The benefits of cherry are enhanced when combined with horsetail.

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